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Back in High School, my Dad and Uncle went together and bought me my first truck, a 1970 Ford F-100.  We bought it from the original owner, a farmer that live north east of town.  My Pa and I spent a great deal of time working on it.  We repaired it so that it was a good reliable vehicle and also did all of the body work and painted it. 

My Pa is a very skilled mechanic and auto body guy.  He's taught me almost every thing I know about cars and engines.  He gave me my first motor when I was about 14.  It was a 283 Chevy in non running condition that was pulled from his 1928 Model A 2-Door sedan, which I currently have sitting out on the farm.

Anyway, shortly after we got it back together and working just great, I decided it was just sitting WAY too high.  So, I went ahead and lowered it 6 inches by modifying the stock I-beams as you couldn't buy them back then.  After driving it like that for a while, I came to the realization that my suspension modification likely wasn't the safest.  I went back to the drawing board and decided to use the stock suspension components and "simply" raise the crossmember up to allow for the lowering that I wanted.  This was about as far as I got as I returned to University to start my Engineering education. 

So, the truck sat back in my home town for about the last 10 years.  This summer my Pa and I made the treck back to Oxbow to pick up the truck and drag it back to Calgary and plunk it down in my brand new 24' x 24' shop.  It's been sitting there for about the last month, I've been working on establishing the exact ride height that I want.  I'm going to be building the chassis from scratch primarily out of 2" x 4" steel tubing, utilizing a Heidt's Mustang II front suspension and a triagulated 4 link in the rear. 

I plan to chronicle the events of the next five years of building right here on this page, so keep checking back to see how I'm making out.


Current Rod Shop Image

Update:  July 23rd 2005 Update: July 23rd 2005

I've been working on measuring the stock frame so that I can design a replacement. I currently have it drafted in 2D (Visio) but will be transfering these drawings to Solidworks to get a 3D rendering. He're a pic of the current state of affairs.

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